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MITCS earns designation as high-quality school

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Midland Innovation + Technology Charter School (MITCS) has been certified as a high-quality charter school by the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS). In only its second year of operation, MITCS earned this prestigious designation after a thorough review of its practices demonstrating alignment with the 40 National Standards of a high-quality charter school.

“We reflect on where we’ve come in a short period of time with pride, “said MITCS Chief Executive Officer Terrence Smith. “We also look ahead with great anticipation for growth and our future.”

MITCS had to prove proficiency in a range of areas to demonstrate alignment with the 40 National Standards of a high-performing charter school, including: governance, operation, financial, academics, leadership, and school culture.

Principal David Krakoff, the head of school at MITCS, is particularly pleased with the school’s design of its instructional system. According to PCPCS’ criteria for academic excellence, schools certified as high-quality implement high academic standards, rigorous curriculum, student -focused instructional practices, ongoing assessment, data-driven improvement, and positive student outcomes and growth.

“We are building a system that is strategically designed to make the words all students mean ALL students by differentiating instruction to align with the varying rates that students’ master learning targets,” Krakoff said. “Everyone learns at a different pace, so teaching needs to account for that. Also, we are committed to guiding students past levels marked by a test by helping students to create real-world products and solve real-world problems. Project-based learning brings content to life and makes the work in our classrooms meaningful.”

MITCS serves students in grades 9-12 and all students in Pennsylvania are eligible for enrollment. The school offers a unique combination of career pathways including career technical and skilled trades, gaming and simulations, transportation and logistics, healthcare innovations, forensic science and justice, and aviation technology and core curriculum that provide students with credits required for graduation as well as dual college enrollment opportunities.



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