Building a better future: Set to begin educating students in September 2022, Midland Innovation + Technology Charter School (MITCS) will offer students in grades 9 through 12 the chance to pursue areas of personal interest and tackle real-life projects to prepare them for a world of opportunity. This groundbreaking new school will allow students to fulfill state requirements for a high school diploma while also earning certifications, credentials, apprenticeships, college credits, and even associate's degrees in skilled trades, high technology, and other fields of endeavor. MITCS students will graduate prepared to enter the workforce and/or continue on through post-secondary education and training.

By offering authentic, hands-on learning opportunities to a diverse population of students, MITCS will serve as a generator of innovative thinking, deep learning, and collaborative engagement to build better futures.


MITCS is chartered by the Midland Borough School District and is located in the Borough of Midland, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Chester D. Thompson

Principal / Head of School
Terrence A. Smith

Board of Directors

Jerry Hodge
Retired, National Manufacturers Association


Maria Corradi
Financial Planner, Janney Montgomery Scott

Brittney Golden
Director of Sales, Millcraft Hospitality


Michael Croud
Senior Electrical Engineer, RPA Engineering

Paul Pennington
Construction Manager, Gannett Fleming, Inc.


Lou Naccarato
Retired School Teacher, Beaver Area School District

Brenda Militello
Principal, Midland Borough School District

Organizing Committee

Linwood Alford
Advisor on Trades and Diversity

Charles J. Betters, Sr.
Advisor on Industrial Development and Trades

Barry Bittman, MD
Advisor on Healthcare and Drone Technology

Maria Corradi
Advisor on Community Relations/Board Member

Mark Elder
Advisor on Operations

Dr. Todd Goodman
Advisor on Technology and Innovations

Carrie Kennedy
Advisor on Curriculum Development

Dr. Donald Marinelli
Advisor on Coding and Gaming

Paul C. Pennington
Advisor on Engineering and Construction Trades Board Member

Chris Shovlin

Sean Tanner
Superintendent, Midland Borough School District