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During the inaugural school year, the Midland Innovation +Technology Charter School (MITCS) will be taking many steps to implement the safety and security of the students and staff in the building. In addition to the Midland Police Officer that will be present at the school throughout the day, MITCS will utilize the Raptor Visitor Management system for all guests — and engage all visitors prior to allowing them to enter the building. Planned and surprise drills will be completed throughout the school year on both evacuation and lock-down procedures. This will ensure that our staff is familiar with the procedures and ready to act in the event of an emergency. On an ongoing basis, our safety plans evolve as we examine previous events in other districts and work to improve our procedures. We will continually review and test our safety plan and processes to ensure that we are enacting the most up-to-date safety and security efforts. 


Emergency Response Protocol 
The Emergency Response Protocol is a set of research-based actions/drills designed to prepare students, staff and parents for emergency situations. Throughout the school year, all students and staff members participate in various drills to educate students on the possible actions of the emergency response protocol. These actions are Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Communicate, Evacuate (ALICE).

Signs detailing the protocol are posted in each classroom and in various common areas throughout our schools. Our hope is that these signs serve as a visible reminder, not only for students and staff, but also for visitors should they hear an announcement of a specific action in the protocol over the public address system. One of our safety objectives is to practice the standard response protocol drills repeatedly throughout each school year to create a shared language among all those in the MITCS community. For all stakeholders to be trained on our new emergency response protocol, we will work collaboratively with the Midland Borough Police Department and other emergency service providers to ensure we are all following the same emergency protocols and procedures in our school.

Report a Safety & Security Concern

Safe2Say Something

Pennsylvania's Safe2Say Something reporting system is intended to facilitate the reporting of sensitive information to our administration and school police officer including information regarding student safety, bullying, violence, drug use or students who may need any type of assistance. This information may be shared with school officials such as principals, school counselors and other administrative personnel as well as school police officers or other law enforcement depending on the situation. It is NOT an emergency hotline. If you need immediate assistance and/or are reporting an event that could immediately affect the school community, please call 911 to be connected to Midland Borough Police.


MITCS encourages students, staff and community members to report information about any non-urgent illegal activity such as vandalism, theft, the sale of drugs or information about crimes that are being planned. Students who discover information on social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and confidentially report a tip could help prevent a tragedy. Once again, for urgent matters or emergency situations, please call 911 and speak to a trained dispatcher. 


MITCS highly respects and cares for your privacy. Any information reported will be kept strictly confidential. We encourage you to use the Safe2Say Something system responsibly. Adverse consequences, including serious criminal charges may result from the submission of a false report. All submissions can be traced in the event of misuse or abuse of the reporting system

Learn more at or call 1-844-723-2729

MITCS encourages all students and parents to download the Safe2Say Something App. The App is available at the Apple Store or Google Play.


> Download Safe2Say App at the Apple Store

> Download Safe2Say App at Google Play


Additional Tip Lines

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


If you or someone you know is in need of crisis intervention, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. For immediate assistance, please dial 911. 

Highmark Caring Place


Highmark Caring Place is a center for grieving children, adolescents and their families offering assistance during difficult times.

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