A Balanced, Holistic Approach: Continuously developed in partnership with business and industry, trade organizations, and community leaders, curriculum and instruction at MITCS will be fully-integrated across all subjects, content areas, and disciplines, with faculty, staff, and industry mentors working together to prepare students for life beyond high school. The use of competency-based micro-credentialing will personalize school for each student, encourage hands-on learning, and build out a student’s professional resume. A key element in the program of the school, and the primary means for connecting instruction and facilitating collaboration in the service of students, will be the “Common Four” program, which seeks to provide a balanced, holistic, and real-world approach to personal development. The four dynamics in this curriculum are:

The Common Four-C.jpg

Citizenship + Accountability

Focuses on developing knowledge and skills that support healthy relationships, personal and social responsibility, and community engagement. In addition to periodic seminars, workshops, special events, students will be required to take courses in “Government + Public Service,” and “Practical Economics + Personal Finance.”

Meaning + Purpose

Engages students in critical thinking around the “big issues” of life through small group discussions on select topics and visiting speakers representing a diversity of perspectives and opinions on current issues. The curriculum includes practical courses on “Logic + Reasoning,” and “Philosophy + Belief.”

Health + Wellbeing

Fosters an awareness and promotes good habits for healthy living. Students will be required to take practical courses on “Diet + Nutrition” and “Mind + Body Wellness.”

Calling + Career

Inspires a vision and creates the pathways necessary to move students to a fulfilling life beyond high school. Throughout their time at MITCS, students will be actively building their professional resumes and will work with a mentor to develop their personal plan for the future.